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Hit and Run Sports and Games

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The prizes that will be awarded at the end of every season are explained below. If you have any other questions please contact us or check out the official Yu-Gi-Oh! site.

You've been wondering about the prizes to be given away in the Duelist King Tournament- wonder no more! At the end of every season of the Duelist King Tournament, Upper Deck will be notifying lucky winners across North America of their prizes.

Upper Deck Entertainment will deliver the prizes via certified mail after tallying up the final season results from the Duelist King Championship, Season five 2005.

The following prizes could be yours:

  • Millennium Puzzle Trophy
  • Framed Monster Art
  •  Framed Uncut Sheet of Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME cards
  •  Booster Boxes

 (straight off the production line, delivered to you before their store release! )

Keep Dueling and keep track of your standings and you could be a winner!"

---- New Arrivals ---- 1971 Dallas Cowboys, #12 Roger Staubach 1977 Dallas Cowboys, #33 Tony Dorsett 1994 Dallas Cowboys, #22 Emmitt Smith 1977 Dallas Cowboys, #33 Tony Dorsett 1975 Dallas Cowboys, #12 Roger Staubach 2000 Montreal Expos #27 Vladimir Guerrero 2000 New York Yankeeys #2 Derek Jeter Rod Carew 1977 Minnesota Twins Eddie Jones 1995 Lakers Rookie Game Jersey Reggie White 1992 Philadelphia Eagles Deion Sanders 1989 Atlant Falcons Jerome Bettis 1994 Los Angeles Rams Tim Brown 1994 Oakland Raiders 1984 New England Patriots, #56 Andre Tippett 1985 Tampa Bay Bucs, #8 STEVE YOUNG 1984 LA RAIDERS, #32 MARCUS ALLEN 1994 SAN FRAN 49ERS, #8 STEVE YOUNG 1989 SAN FRAN 49ERS, #80 Jerry Rice Home Page Email Us Back Back